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Plan and optimise truck-specific routes

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Why plan routes with PTV xServer?

PTV xRoute Server calculates routes, determines road distances and travel times, and calculates toll costs and emissions values. Vehicle profiles and routing behaviour can be configured as needed. Lorry routing takes truck attributes, driving times and rest periods into account. Various online-platforms offer free and easy-to-use route calculation. Professional truck and vehicle routing, however, The difference between freely available online tools and the routing optimization components by PTV xServer lies in their ability to factor in all truck-related data and requirements: Since our founding four decades ago, we have accumulated abundant truck-specific data and acquired expert knowledge in optimizing truck-specific routing. PTV xServer offers developer components that can be easily integrated into your existing SAP system architecture and expands the routing capacities of your transport logistics software. The components are available as easy-to-use and integrable on-premise solution and as an even more powerful cloud-based web service for the most advanced use cases. Additionally, as developer, you benefit from abundant documentation as well as continuous support.

Our Route Planning API allows you to customise vehicle profiles to your requirements or work with standard reference profiles. The standard reference profiles include continent-specific features like official weight classes in Europe, North America, Latin America, or Australia (EUR, NAM, AUS).

Customize vehicle profiles to your needs or use standard reference profiles

Calculate exact toll costs based on vehicle attributes when planning routes and determine when toll-free routes are a viable alternative.

Calculate exact freight and tolls costs

The PTV Route Planning API considers all relevant truck-specific attributes like length, height, weight, special cargo and access restrictions when calculating the optimum truck route. Additionally, it factors in live traffic information and traffic patterns to avoid congestion and circumvent bottlenecks.

Consider relevant truck attributes

Calculate exact emissions based on vehicle attributes and recognized standards like CEN, HBEFA, CO2e, COPERT.

Calculate exact emissions

Factor start or desired arrival times into your routing. Specify schedules and timespans for longer periods, such as roadworks, to be considered in your planning.

Time consideration modes

Consider legal or your own set of rules regarding break and rest times and factor them into your route planning.

Plan breaks under consideration of official or your own set of rules